Mohiomap adding support for (Beta)

Mohiomap is adding as one of its platforms. It’s currently in beta, but so far it looks really good. That means now they have support for Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, and It seems to me like the addition of Box goes a long way toward Mohiomap gaining critical mass as a cloud visualization […]

My Social Media Reboot – YMM #49

rebootsocialmedia.png Right click to download podcast In this episode I’ll talk about why I’m in need of a social media reboot. Then I’ll cover what I’m doing to start over. The show notes are also a huge list of information that I just didn’t have time to cover during the audio section. The problem with […]

Visual Productivity Challenge – YMM #48 Right click to download podcast In this episode we’ll talk about the Visual Productivity Challenge. It’s an opportunity for you to try out some visual mapping strategies, and decide for yourself whether it’s right for you or not. The purpose of the challenge is for you to make “something” new using visual maps as […]

Brainstorming – YMM047

brainstorming.png Right click to download podcast This episode is all about Brainstorming. We’ll cover the reasons why some people think brainstorming is ineffective, and I’ll talk about the study that people have been quoting as proof. We’ll also go over some best practices when brainstorming effectively, and I’ll also give you an alternative method to […]

Visual Mapping Review Series Wrapup – YMM046

vismap150 Right click to download podcast Just as all good things must come to an end, so must the Visual Mapping Review series (VMRS) – at least for 2014. In this episode, we’ll go over some of the things I learned from doing the VMRS, and I’ll share the good and the bad from this […]

Visual Mapping Review Series 2014


Welcome to the Visual Mapping Review Series – 2014 edition. Here’s a look a what to expect from the 2014 version of the Visual Mapping Review Series. I’m looking forward to seeing the improvements in products from last year, and also at seeing what else it out there. I’ll be adding  links to this page […]