Broken iPhone Home Button Fix

broken-iphone-home-buttonIf you’ve ever owned a smartphone, you’ll agree that one of the worst things that can happen is finding out your phone doesn’t work. After I bumped my phone off of a counter, I realized I had a broken iPhone home button on my hands.

A broken phone is a bit like a lion with a sliver in it’s paw. It’s something very small, but it’s hard to think of anything else until the problem is fixed.

2 ways to deal with a broken iPhone home button

In this video I’ll show you 2 things:

  1. How to recalibrate your iOS device home button. This might get your home button working again.
  2. A quick workaround that will let you use your phone even if the home button is broken. It’s not ideal, but at least you can still use your phone.

Link to video on YouTube

Why you might want to remember this tip

This fix may not apply to you today, but you can be sure that someone out there, maybe even someone you know, has a broken iPhone home button right now. You’ll be a hero if you can show them this quick and simple fix.


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