A Cool (and Free) Mind Mapping Tool – XMind

I want to share a free mind mapping tool that I’ve used for years. It’s stacked with features and it looks professional.

The best part is that it’s free.

The tool I’m talking about is called XMind and it comes with a free version that I think will work for 80%-90% of you out there. The pro version is amazing, but it’s not necessary for everyone.

Anyway, I’ve put together a video run-down of XMind. I think you’ll like it.

XMind – Free mind mapping tool


Things I talk about:

XMind – My favourite free mind mapping tool.

XMind Portable – Load this onto a USB drive so you can create mind maps anywhere.

Freemind – The first mind mapping program I used. I don’t find it as intuitive or “Pretty” as XMind.

Mindjet – Web-based. Nice tool, but very expensive.

MindMeister – Web-based. Free mind mapping version limited to 3 mind maps.

XMind Pro – This is Productivity Steroids. It’s turns regular XMind (which is already good) into something even better. US$49 per year.

Bonus: Get Diamonds and Silver eBook free

diamondsandsilver-ebookI really believe in XMind and I love using it.

If you decide to upgrade to and think I’ve been of value to you, here’s a link that will give me some love back. If you choose to use my affiliate link, I’ll send a little love your way by rewarding you a copy of my motivational fable, Diamonds and Silver (eBook version).

Just send me a quick message (hello@youremakingme.com) and I’ll verify the purchase and send out your eBook (and maybe one more small bonus from a project I’m working on Smile)

Here’s the link again

P.S. To get rid of the Registration Backup Service add-on, click on the garbage can to the left.


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    Thanks Kevin. I am going to give it a try – has to be better than using Excel, which I do now. I did have a look because you used the mailing list again so keep us updated when you post great stuff like this.

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