I Just Got Trained For My First Video Conference


I just had the opportunity to do two hours worth of training for a video conference I’m giving next Thursday. Although I’m no stranger to presentations, I’ve never done an actual video conference before. If you’re wondering what a video conference is, it’s where people go to several different geographic locations and then all dial […]

Get Diamonds and Silver at 75% Off During Read an eBook Week


Read an eBook Week is from March 6 to 12 Now is a great time to sample eBooks, since many writers are offering huge discounts this week in celebration of Read an eBook Week. I’m taking part, and have added Diamonds and Silver, my popular motivational fable, to the SmashWords.com eBook site. Right now, you […]

Link Roundup (6/11/2010)

Here’s your weekly dose of light-hearted links to get you ready for the weekend. Non Sequitur Comic Strip. A funny Facebook themed comic. [image] * Every Sitcom Uses The Same Newspaper. When you look closely at the newspaper used in most sitcoms, you’ll find it’s actuallly the same paper used over and over. Pretty cool […]

Link Roundup (6/4/2010)

Hi everyone. Here are a few links to help you ease into the weekend. * The last 18 years (in rap). A nice year-by-year recap of events since 1992 done as a rap. What an easy way to brush up on important historical events. * The island. From far away this map of London looks […]