How You Finish is More Important than How You Start

It's about how you finishPeople worry about starting out right.

When you start out on a good note, it increases the chances of you moving in the right direction, but it’s not the only factor.

It’s how you finish that matters

I truly believe that one of the biggest factors in a person’s success is their ability to finish what they start quickly and consistently.

What you get done and how much you get done is critical, but how you get it done and how long it takes doesn’t matter. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that I really don’t care how hard you work.

The effort you put in is irrelevant

All that matters is the result.

Hard work doesn’t mean you’re on your way to success. Hard work, just means you’re working hard.

By focusing on finishing what you start, you’ll soon find yourself getting much more done, and others will start noticing your results too. When you focus on how you finish, you’ll still work HARD, but it helps to translate that extra effort into tangible results.

2 Tools to help you get there

1. Time blocking is one of the tools that can help focus your efforts and take your work habits to the next level. Check out my free Time Blocking eBook for more on this. It’s simple to do, but effective.

2. Ask yourself, “Are there different ways we can do the same jobs, only faster, cheaper, and easier?”

I’ve seen a lot of companies performing tasks inefficiently, because they’ve gotten into a rhythm and have never looked up again to see if there’s a better way. Review sessions can suck to do, but they’re vital to keep your business relevant.

Next Steps

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