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image How my roommate got motivated

I used to have a roommate who would watch a Larry Bird tribute video before every Basketball game.  Larry Bird is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, so my roommate would use it to get himself pumped up.  He swore that this ritual helped him score more and play better.

I have to agree.  I really believe that watching inspirational videos is one of the best ways to improve your mood.  The only catch is that every person is different, so a video that inspires one person, may do nothing for another.  This means that everyone needs to create their own video list.

Here’s the second instalment in my Inspirational video series.  You can check out the first list here.  Today we focus on inspirational sports videos.  Feel free to send me your suggestions.

Here’s the list

Hoosiers – Hoosiers is a great sports movie; probably my favourite.
I couldn’t find the clip I was looking for.  It’s where the players first walk into the stadium for the final game and are in awe of the building.  The coach (Gene Hackman) pulls out a tape measure and proves that the court is the same size as in their small gym at home.  If anyone finds it, let me know.  The video I’ve included here is also very good.

image Team Hoyt – A parent will do anything to see their child’s dreams become reality.
Team Hoyt is well know in the running community.  The video shows the father/son running team.  Very moving.

“The Crawl” – 1997 Ironman
If there was a video in the dictionary under perseverance, this might be it.

Al Pacino – Any Given Sunday
Life’s a game of inches speech.

Michael Jordan – Nike Video on Failure

Death Crawl – Facing The Giants
Focus on the next step.

Rendezvous in Paris
A race car driver, with a Ferrari, driving hard through Paris in the early morning.


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