The Lazy Workers Way to Schedule Like a Pro – YMM #23

How to Schedule like a pro

In this episode of the You’re Making Me Podcast we’re going to talk about the lazy workers way to schedule like a pro.

I love the title because everyone wants to be super productive, but apparently it’s hard to do.

I’m not sure if I agree with that.

I’ll go over what I think is the #1 scheduling tip for a good time management system. I’ll also give you six cool ways to start scheduling better in your workplace and your personal life.

You’ll see how you can take the scheduling system you’re already using and make it a little bit better, so you can be more productive.

What you’re doing is probably already good, but lets look at how you can refine it to make it work better.

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • The reason why my goal is to be a lazy worker (Yup! It’s true… sort of Rolling on the floor laughing)
  • Why most people never learn to schedule like a CEO
  • A powerful technique that’s based on what 90% of people are already doing
  • The maximum amount of your day that you should schedule
  • What you might have missed in Episode 18
  • What made me think I was going to get chased out of a building by people with torches and pitchforks
  • What to say when a client wants to see you during a scheduled time block
  • The answer to the question, “What sells today?” It’s not what you think.

What’s inside:

1:10 – My Story

2:39 – The Big One – Time Blocking

4:32 – 5 second recap of Time Blocking technique

5:00 – 2 Cool scheduling resources

7:05 – Top X of a Topic – 6 ways to schedule like a pro

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Other items mentioned in the podcast:

Time Blocking eBook

Kevin on Toastcaster Podcast

Time Blocking Pro

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