Make an Inspirational Video List

Videos are incredibly powerful motivational tools.  The combination of audio and video can be very effective at moving you to action.  That’s good, since one of the biggest problems in life is just getting started.

I suggest you make a list of some inspirational clips and bookmark them.  Then, when you need a little pick me up, go and watch a couple of your favourites to help you get back on track.

Just remember, no sitting at home surfing YouTube all day.  Watch 1 or 2 videos and then get busy.

A few videos to get your list started

Lost Generation
I think this is one of the best videos on YouTube right now.  The twist comes about half way through.

Sad Insurance Commercial
A really sad commercial that will hopefully inspire you to think about the people you love.  I bet it’ll make you cry.

Randy Pausch – Last Lecture, Achieving Your Childhood Dreams
A moving lecture on his childhood dreams.  He delivered it knowing that he had incurable cancer.  Randy Pausch faced every day with an amazing attitude.  The video was shot in September 2007.  He passed away in July 2008.

Nick Vujicic – How To Get Up
Great speaker, very inspiring.

Susan Boyle – Brittain’s Got Talent (2009)
The internet phenomenon of Susan Boyle.

Paul Potts – Brittain’s Got Talent (2007)
Do you remember Paul Potts?  This was a shocker too.  I think videos like this give hope to the average person.

Free Hugs Campaign
A guy out trying to change the world, one hug at a time.

You Want Something.  Go get it. – Pursuit of Happiness
Nice scene from The Pursuit of Happiness movie.

Famous Failures
If you’ve never failed, you’ve never lived.

40 Inspiring Speeches in 2 minutes
Cute collection of a number of well know movie speeches.

Incredible Brick Balancing Act
This isn’t really an inspirational video per se, but watching it reminds me that we as humans can do amazing things if we just put our mind to it.  It works for me, and that’s the point.  Make your list unique.

Which videos have inspired you?  Add your favourites to the comments.