Visual Mapping Review Series Wrapup – YMM046

vismap150 Right click to download podcast Just as all good things must come to an end, so must the Visual Mapping Review series (VMRS) – at least for 2014. In this episode, we’ll go over some of the things I learned from doing the VMRS, and I’ll share the good and the bad from this […]

The Visual Mapping Review Series 2014 – YMM#44 Right click to download podcast We’re starting this year’s set of reviews In Episode 44 of the You’re Making Me podcast, I’m going to look ahead to this year’s visual mapping review series. I’ve given it a new name, and I’m adding the year because I plan on keeping this going as long as […]

Do you need to switch to a tablet? – YMM#43

laptop-vs-tablet.jpg Right click to download podcast Note: This episode was recorded before the Surface Pro 3 announcement, so I won’t be mentioning it during this episode. I’m still happy with my observations, so I haven’t added anything to what I’ve said. In this episode I’ll go over my thoughts on laptops versus tablets. I’ve had […]

Getting Started With Mind Mapping – Part 3 – YMM#37


I sit down again with Greg Gazin to put him through the paces with XMind. We’ll go over setting up an XMind capture system, and how to translate those ideas into goals you can take action on. I’ve also added more content to the FAW (Follow Along Workbook), so that’s definitely worth checking out. […]

Great Ideas is a Numbers Game – YMM #36

great-ideas.png Right click to download podcast Coming up with great ideas is a numbers game. In this episode of the You’re Making Me podcast I’ll explain exactly what I mean and give you a real world example of how this can apply to you. In this episode you’ll learn: One of the big things people […]

My DIY Standing Desk


I’ve been toying around with the idea of transitioning to a standing desk (AKA stand-up desk / stand up desk) for over a year. After making a few mock-ups to help me decide whether I wanted to go ahead, I finally decided to pick something up. Why a standing desk? I’ve owned a counter height […]