Mega Productivity

When I mention the term productivity system, most people think of a bunch of lists or cool iPhone apps. Those are part of a good system, but they don’t MAKE the system

These days, everyone wants to hear about efficiency. The reason is that it feels good to be efficient. Unfortunately, being efficient only means that you’re getting a lot of “stuff” done. That sounds great, but in most cases the “stuff” getting done is not critical to your success and ends up slowing down your forward progress.

When you walk, simply crossing the road can give you a new perspective. A lot of what you already use is probably valid, but the order may be off. In order to be successful with your time management system, you’ll get better results when you focus on being effective first, and then, and only then, worry about becoming more efficient.

You don’t have to be amazing at everything…. just the right things.

Mega Productivity is broken down into 7 Productivity Principles:

Core 4: Helps you gain clarity and get focused on doing the right things more consistently.
Tri-Cats: The Tri-Cats are three ways you can crank up your efficiency so that you’re doing even more of the right “stuff” and moving ahead faster.
This easy to follow system has worked for others, and I’m confident it’ll work for you.


XMind Pro License (With Bonuses)

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  • Bonus #1: Visual Productivity eBook (On Mind Mapping)
  • Bonus #2: Visual Productivity Video Tutorials
  • Bonus #3: XMind Workbook with Templates

You will have immediate access to the bonuses, but it might take a few hours up to a few days to get the XMind License. The license key numbers are based on your email address, so I’m not able to keep any on hand.

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XMind Pro – With Bonuses – $99

 Time Blocking Pro

Time Blocking Pro is based on content I share during live events. I’ve paired it with screencasts to demonstrate how it all works.

(You can watch the video here if it doesn’t load automatically.)

Here’s what you’ll get in the goodies package:

  • Over 40 Minutes of video demonstrating how to use the goodies.
  • Excel Spreadsheet including:
    • Time Blocking Sheets (1/2 hour and hourly) – These are same basic sheets I teach with during my productivity training sessions.
    • Daily Tracker – One of my favourite sheets. It shows where you’re spending your time now, and helps you develop habits that stick.
    • Goal Tracking Sheet – An amazingly simple way to plan and act on your goals.
    • Weekly, Monthly, and Yearly Goals Sheets – After 15 years of using these, I still love them.
  • 2 Excel Versions (97-2003 and 2010) for maximum compatibility.
  • Bonus PDF versions of all the the sheets.
  • Full 30 Day Guarantee to ensure your satisfaction.

I’m offering all this for the awesome price of $19.95.

Visual Productivity Package

This package includes:

  • Visual Productivity eBook
  • Tutorial Videos
  • XMind Workbook that includes templates from the book and videos


Diamonds and Silver Book

What’s the book about?

The Diamonds and Silver story reinforces ten real-life lessons interwoven into the book. My goal is to entertain you, and also provide real-world strategies you can put into place once you set the book down.

Enjoy the story and the twist in the middle.

Our hero is a young man named Milo, who is down on his luck and has been shunned by society, because he lives in the garbage dump. He sets out with his friend to prove his manhood by finding a valuable treasure consisting of diamonds and silver. The boys discover as they travel, that their perceptions change about themselves and everything else in life.

Why I wrote the book

I came across the idea for Diamonds and Silver when I was asked to speak for a charity called The Mosaic of Hope in Calgary, Alberta. One of the organizers described one of the types of people the charity helps as being children who sift through refuse in garbage dumps, so they can feed themselves. This really struck a chord with me.

I decided I would write a fictional story starring a child from the dumps; someone who most people would label as a hopeless case.