Speaking Programs

There’s a gap between knowing and teaching.  Kevin uses stories, exercises, and games to help reinforce his messages. The end goal is to provide you with tangible next steps to help your group produce better results.

“You don’t have to be amazing at everything…. just the right things.”

~ Kevin Achtzener

Visual Productivity

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(Keynote, Workshop, Breakout Session, Individual or Team Coaching)

  • Have you ever wanted to write a book, but found it hard to finish what you started?
  • Do you regularly have great ideas, but never write them down?
  • Would you like to suggest better ideas at work?

Let me show you a different way of organizing your ideas.

Visual maps are a simple way of getting ideas out of your head, and then refining and combining those ideas into something much better than what you started with. They give you the ability to easily see connections between ideas and organize your thoughts. Try it out for yourself to see what a difference it can make.

Mega Productivity

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(Keynote, Workshop, Breakout Session, Individual or Team Coaching)

You probably want to get more done in life so you can spend time doing the things you love, with the people you love, and let’s face it; you probably want to make more money too.

Good productivity skills don’t come naturally for most people, but luckily, they can be learned.

Kevin teaches ways to turbo-charge your effectiveness. He says the key to becoming a better time manager is to gain clarity on exactly what you’re doing, before making dozens of lists or downloading iPhone apps.

Kevin will share concrete techniques that can be used immediately to:

  • Build on what you already know.
  • Complete high priority tasks faster.
  • Reduce the impact of distractions.
  • Select a system, high or low tech, that works for you
  • Once and for all stop being a slave to your inbox

Diamonds and Silver

Hire Kevin to Speak

(Keynote, Workshop, Book)

If you had to choose between a big shiny diamond and a lump of silver, which one would you take? Sometimes, what appears to be the biggest prize may not always turn out to be the case. This presentation is based on Kevin’s breakthrough book and lays out a framework for success that anyone can follow. Participants will learn that the real treasure in life is what you do with the resources you have.