Group Map Review – Visual Mapping Review Series 2014


This is a video review of Group Map. I’m doing it as part of the visual map interview series for in 2014. In this video I go over some of things that I enjoyed about using Group Map, and a couple of the things that raised my frustration level a little bit. Group map has […]

SpiderScribe Review – Visual Mapping Review Series 2014


This is my Spiderscribe review, part of the Visual Mapping Review Series 2014. Spiderscribe is a cloud-based visual mapping tool. You can add text, documents, images, locations, and even dates to your visual maps. Spiderscribe has a unique look to it, and sometimes it feels almost like a flow chart because of how it’s laid […]

Lucid Chart Review – Visual Mapping Review Series 2014


Here’s my Lucid Chart review, as part of the Visual Mapping Review Series. Lucid Chart is a cloud-based visual mapping solution. Lucid Chart can also be used for wire framing, mock ups, and even planning out iOS and android apps. I recently sat down and took some time to go over all the benefits and […]

Text 2 Mindmap Review – Visual Mapping Review Series 2014


Text 2 Mindmap is a web-based app that lets you take text and convert it into a visual map. You can use it right from the home page without a login, but they also provide options for you to save your content on the site. YouTube link (4:57) Video Highlights: 01:38 – What I like […]

Mohiomap Review (Visual Mapping in Evernote) – Visual Mapping Review Series 2014


This is a review of Mohiomap. It’s a visual mapping program that takes all of your Evernote information and turns it into one huge visual map. Since so many people use Evernote, I thought it would be good to go over Mohiomap, to see what it can and can’t do. I had a fun time […]

Mindomo Review – VMRS 2014

This is a review of the Mindomo visual mapping program. This program is actually a triple threat. It has a desktop application, it has a web interface, and it’s also available on mobile devices, although sadly not for the iPhone. The Mindomo Mega-Review In this review I’ll put Mindomo through its paces and I’ll let […]

Mindly iOS Review – Visual Mapping Review Series 2014


The first review in this year’s visual mapping review series is Mindly. Mindly is an iOS based visual mapping tool. The basic app is free with a paid upgrade for more options. You can follow this link to download Mindly from the iTunes Store. YouTube Link (Length: 8:36)

My Surface Pro 2 Review (Finally, LOL)

Yes, you read the post title correct. This is a review of the Surface Pro 2. Watch on YouTube Surface Pro 3 is already out! At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Kevin, are you crazy? Don’t you know they’ve already released the Surface Pro 3.” Aaaah, yeah (here’s where I begin blushing). I was going […]

Do You Have an iPhone Tripod Mount?


One of easiest hacks to give you better videos is to use an iPhone Tripod Mount to eliminate shakiness as you record. Attaching your phone to a tripod is a great way to help your videos not suck. Get a cheap iPhone tripod mount The good news is that tripod mounts are really cheap, and […]

Square Register Review


I’ve owned a Square Register Credit Card Processor for about a year now. I think it’s pretty cool, so I thought I’d share it with you. This is just a random review….I’m not an affiliate or anything Anyway, it attaches to your smartphone or tablet, and lets you take credit card payments. It’s small, and […]