Do You Have an iPhone Tripod Mount?


One of easiest hacks to give you better videos is to use an iPhone Tripod Mount to eliminate shakiness as you record. Attaching your phone to a tripod is a great way to help your videos not suck. Get a cheap iPhone tripod mount The good news is that tripod mounts are really cheap, and […]

Square Register Review


I’ve owned a Square Register Credit Card Processor for about a year now. I think it’s pretty cool, so I thought I’d share it with you. This is just a random review….I’m not an affiliate or anything Anyway, it attaches to your smartphone or tablet, and lets you take credit card payments. It’s small, and […]

What’s Best – The iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini?

iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini

I was thinking about all the uses for mobile devices, and the natural question came of of which one to choose. The iPhone, iPad, or iPad Mini (sorry Android fans, I haven’t owned one ‘yet’). Fortunately my friend Greg Gazin, The Gadget Guy, from Digitally Speaking stopped by one day, so I asked him to […]

Getting Better Audio From a Smartphone Lavalier Mic

Here’s a tool that I found helps me get better audio from a smartphone, like my iPhone 5. It works great for both audio and video recordings. Link to Video on YouTube I’ve been looking for a solution for while, as a way to help me make better videos from my phone. Regular consumer mics […]

My Favourite Smartphone RSS Reader


Here’s a cool smartphone RSS reader that’ll make reading news in your feeds more effective and efficient. Feedly smartphone RSS reader This videos shows a smartphone RSS reader called Feedly. I demonstrate the interface, which I think is simple, clean, and intuitive and I’ll go over one great benefit that makes it an even better […]

The Best Mind Map Software for 2012 – XMind

XMind 2012 has just been released, and it has some cool features. Most are small tweaks to the system that make an already good program even better, but I think it ranks high as some of the best mind map software out there. If you’re not familiar with XMind, you should consider checking it out. […]

Taking Credit Card Payments on Smartphones with Kudos – YMM #12


Here’s the second interview I did with Greg Gazin on productivity boosting gadgets. It’s on a device called the Kudos. It’s a way to take credit card payments on smartphones for your business, charity, or organization using your smart phone. The new way to take credit card payments on smartphones There are already other options […]

Free Alternative to GoToMeeting and WebEx for Online Meetings – YMM #11


Update: There have been some changes to Meeting Burner since I originally posted this article.  Here’s a link to an updated post that includes a couple of other solutions. Right click to download audio When considering hosting a meeting on the web, most people will at least look at the big boys; GoToMeeting and WebEx. […]

A Review of The Referral Engine

The Referral Engine is a book about how to build your business to produce referrals, both online and offline. A referral based business is a successful business I know from my own experience how powerful referrals are. They’ve been a significant portion of every business I’ve owned. The obvious benefit of referrals is that they […]

Edistorm Brainstorming Tool


I came across a new site today and thought everyone would be interested in it. It’s called Edistorm. The name is a mashup of Thomas Edison and Brainstorm. As some of you know, Edison was famous for his invention factory, where he created many notable innovations (audio recording, motion pictures). The site can be used […]