Smartphone Productivity – Part 1 – YMM #20

Episode #20 of the You’re Making Me podcast focuses on smartphone productivity.

I’ve done my best to load it up with tons of great info.

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Here are some of the links we talk about in this episode:


Link to News on YouTube

Amara – Free crowdsourced captions (TheNextWeb)

Amara Homepage

Siri, Google Now, and the End of Apps (MIT Technology Review)

6 Takeaways from the Blackberry 10 launch (Small Business Trends)

Rapid Fire

Link to Rapid Fire on YouTube

If iPad mini was a car it might be a BMW 1 Series (Canoetech)

Motorola ATRIX HD Giveaway – Canada Only (Canoetech)

My OLD iPhone broken mute phone button

New iPhone Mute Switch video – Coming soon

New iPhone Home Button video – Coming soon

Weekly Challenge

Choose one smartphone productivity tip from the Siri countdown you plan on using in the next week. If you don’t have voice recognition or don’t have a smartphone, you can mention one you think is cool. Leave a comment with your choice.

Top X of a Topic

Siri Top 40 – 40-31 on YouTube

Siri proxy for controlling your home (Github)

What are your thoughts on smartphone productivity?

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