Getting Better Audio From a Smartphone Lavalier Mic

Here’s a tool that I found helps me get better audio from a smartphone, like my iPhone 5. It works great for both audio and video recordings.

Link to Video on YouTube

I’ve been looking for a solution for while, as a way to help me make better videos from my phone.

Regular consumer mics won’t work

The reason why it’s been tough to find a mic that does a good job is because regular microphones won’t work in the input without some help. I didn’t realize that at first, and ended up spending time changing batteries in existing mics I own, trying to figure out what was wrong.

I won’t go into the painful detail (which I probably don’t know all of), but suffice it to say that what most modern smartphones need is a 3.5″ TRRS input jack.

What about an adapter?

You can go ahead and buy an adapter, but they usually cost about $25. You may also need a slightly different adapter if the “regular” microphone you’re using has a battery on it.

This may not be a huge deal, but if you’re just looking for something simple that works, it starts making things complicated.

Is this new mic any good?

I’m really diggin’ this new mic. It’s called the Edutige EIS-003.

The day I got the Edutige, I went out and I shot 11 of the remaining scenes for the Siri Top 40 countdown. I was trying to change up the videos a bit, and having a good mic that travels well, helped me take some great video. In case you’re wondering, that means I’m now over 1/2 way done with shooting the Top 30. You can start looking for that really soon.

This post’s video shows me using the Edutige, and lets you hear he raw audio. I haven’t made any changes to the audio.

I’ve tried a lot of Lavalier mics in the past, and I think this one ranks up there with the better ones.

Here’s what I liked:

  • Durable cable is thicker than most low to mid range lavalier mics
  • Works with most Smartphones
  • You can just use the stubby mic to record lectures
  • It comes with a nice pouch. It’s perfect for quickly stuffing the cable into and keeping it protected
  • Price was OK. A little high for EVERYONE, but good for someone looking to invest a little in better recordings.
  • No battery needed. That saves $$$ and the hassle of changing them.

Two-part microphone

This microphone is broken down into two parts.

The Edutige EIS-003 is only a small little knob. That’s what you plug into your phone if all you want is to record a lecture or interview.

The Smartline ESL-001 is what makes everything cool for me. It’s a 4′ extension that also has a clip (thus creating a lavalier mic), and a volume input for the mic.

How much does it cost?

I paid $36 for the Edutige EIS-003 and $25 for the Smartline ESL-001 on Amazon for a total cost of $61.

When I checked the Canadian prices ($70 just for EIS-003), they ended up being a little high, so I had it shipped in from the States. That cost me an extra $11 in shipping and $5 in import duties for a total cost of just over $77.

Overall, I’ve been happy.

Smartphone Productivity – Part 2 – YMM #21


smartphone-productivityIn this podcast we’ll go over the top 20 uses for Siri, and similar voice recognition packages on other phones.

We’ll also cover some ways to take credit cards with your phone, and two of the latest ways to go over the news.

Running Time – 32:08

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Other Listening Options:


Stitcher Radio – via their app – Stream directly from YMM


Square Register – Square Website, where you can sign up for a free account and get a dongle sent to you. Available in Canada and the US only.

Kudos Review – [Youtube] – A review of the Kudos option. I don’t see a reference to paying for the dongle anymore. Here’s a link to their site. Available in Canada and the US only.

PayPal Card Reader – [PayPal has since removed this page]

Winston – Winston’s homepage. It’s like having a news-reading butler in your pocket. Winston can read your Facebook and Twitter streams.

Feedly and Buffer Video – [YouTube] – If you use RSS, I strongly suggest you try out Feedly. When it’s combined with buffer, it gives you a great reading and sharing app (iOS and Android).

Feedly and Buffer Post on

Rapid Fire

How to Mute an iPhone Without Using the Switch – [YouTube] – This is a new version of my most popular YouTube video. It’s short too, only 1:40. It works with Lifeproof cases too.

Weekly Challenge – Smartphone Productivity

This week, your goal is to pick one smartphone productivity tip from the Top 10, and try it out.

Make sure you leave a comment down below to check in with your progress.

My Favourite Smartphone RSS Reader


feedly2Here’s a cool smartphone RSS reader that’ll make reading news in your feeds more effective and efficient.

Feedly smartphone RSS reader

This videos shows a smartphone RSS reader called Feedly. I demonstrate the interface, which I think is simple, clean, and intuitive and I’ll go over one great benefit that makes it an even better choice.

Feedly works great when you incorporate it with a feed aggregator like Google Reader, YouTube, Google News, Alerts, any other kind of feeds you can think of.

I love the idea of combining things, especially when they’re free.

Feedly now incorporates Buffer right into the app.

Watch on YouTube

What is Buffer?

bufferBuffer is a way to share content over your social networks like twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. The reason for using Buffer is that it allows you to schedule posts throughout the day. You can select times during the day that you’d like to share, and then you just go in and find things to share.

The scheduling aspect isn’t any different than other tools like, for instance, Hootlet for HootSuite, but the simplicity that buffer provides is what makes it incredibly useful.

For more information you can visit, or you can watch other smartphone videos on my YouTube channel.

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Smartphone Productivity – Part 1 – YMM #20


Episode #20 of the You’re Making Me podcast focuses on smartphone productivity.

I’ve done my best to load it up with tons of great info.

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Here are some of the links we talk about in this episode:


Link to News on YouTube

Amara – Free crowdsourced captions (TheNextWeb)

Amara Homepage

Siri, Google Now, and the End of Apps (MIT Technology Review)

6 Takeaways from the Blackberry 10 launch (Small Business Trends)

Rapid Fire

Link to Rapid Fire on YouTube

If iPad mini was a car it might be a BMW 1 Series (Canoetech)

Motorola ATRIX HD Giveaway – Canada Only (Canoetech)

My OLD iPhone broken mute phone button

New iPhone Mute Switch video – Coming soon

New iPhone Home Button video – Coming soon

Weekly Challenge

Choose one smartphone productivity tip from the Siri countdown you plan on using in the next week. If you don’t have voice recognition or don’t have a smartphone, you can mention one you think is cool. Leave a comment with your choice.

Top X of a Topic

Siri Top 40 – 40-31 on YouTube

Siri proxy for controlling your home (Github)

What are your thoughts on smartphone productivity?

You can leave your comments on the Episode 20 page on


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Taking Credit Card Payments on Smartphones with Kudos – YMM #12


Here’s the second interview I did with Greg Gazin on productivity boosting gadgets. It’s on a device called the Kudos. It’s a way to take credit card payments on smartphones for your business, charity, or organization using your smart phone.

The new way to take credit card payments on smartphones

There are already other options out there, but they usually require you to manually type in the numbers, or force you to carry a big clunky terminal. That’s a huge pain, especially if you’re on planes and trying to travel light.

Kudos is a tiny device that fits in the palm of your hand. You just clip it into the headphone jack of your smart phone or tablet device so you can “swipe” cards.

I can see it speeding up payments for what I do and, if you also run a business that takes payments “on the road,” this is something you might want to check out.

Direct Link to Video

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