Top 40 Uses for Siri on iPhone/iPad/iPod – Numbers 40-31

This video covers the first 10 uses for Siri from the Top 40.

YouTube Video:

If you missed the introduction video, you can watch it here.

The first 10 uses for Siri

I’m using the first batch of 10 to take care of a couple of things. First of all I want to take care of some of the uses for Siri that I know people would ask about if they weren’t on the list.

I think you’ll have a lot of fun, so check out the video. I even get my 4 year old daughter, Eva in on the action.

The Siri Top 40 is focused on using the built-in voice recognition software in your phone to get more done in less time, but also have to find an look cool while you’re doing it (Siri is the voice recognition software in iPhones, iPads, and iPods).

I have some amazing uses in this week’s video and some even better uses as we get closer to #1. Stay tuned, and remember that most of these tips can be done on other phones with voice recognition software.

If there’s something I’ve added to the list that you don’t think should be on there, let me know in the comments down below.

If you agree with something, feel free to add how you’ve personally used it.

I’m also considering doing a Viewers Top 10, so let me know what you use Siri, or any other voice recognition software for.


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