Use Mini Celebrations for Maximum Achievement

Try a Mini Celebration What is a Mini Celebration?

I had someone share this exercise with me and it works great.  I encourage you to add some Mini Celebrations to your daily routine.  The idea behind a Mini Celebration is easy.  Whenever you accomplish something during the day, whether it’s a closed a sale or completed a task, take one minute to celebrate that achievement.  The effects are unbelievable.

Break the 1 minute up into 2 parts:

  1. Spend 30 seconds giving yourself credit for accomplishing the task. Describe all the great things you did to hit your goal.  Be specific and energetic.
  2. Spend 30 seconds praising yourself for being a great person. Tell yourself that you are a great, worthwhile person.

Say the words for better results

I recommend doing this out loud as it will get you to use more parts of your brain, but you can do it quietly to yourself if you are around people.   You may decide you are too embarrassed to say good things about yourself.  Remember:

If you can’t convince yourself you’re a good person, why should anyone else believe it.


Watch out for negative thoughts

When you first start doing this exercise, you might find that negative thoughts begin to take over.  Ignore them during this minute.    Negative thoughts usually start with, “Yeah…but….”  The more you perform this exercise, the more you will believe in yourself and the more you will accomplish.

Why this works

You become the person you think about most of the time.  By thinking of yourself as a person who takes action and gets things done, you will soon start acting like it.  It’s good to praise all achievements at first.  As you go along, I hope that as your confidence rises, so will your goals.

Try it.  I guarantee this one simple exercise will help fuel you to great success in life.


  1. Oralia says

    This is a great idea! I spend my days praising my students for accomplishing tasks but I often forget about praising myself when I do the same. I will try adding a Mini Celebration to my daily routine tomorrow.

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