What Everyone Ought To Know About Work – YMM #24

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3-phases-of-workIn this episode you’ll learn:

  • How making a simple distinction when you’re working can produce some cool spinoff benefits
  • A technique for increasing the chances that you’ll do something
  • Why my dad confiscated my clipboard when I was a kid
  • The point of a project where most people quit
  • Going form Wannabe to  Corporate Legend
  • What to outsource and what to do yourself

What’s in this episode:

1:20 – The Big One – The Three Phases of Work

3:40 – Other cool links

5:53 – Top X of a Topic – 6 ways to divide and conquer using the 3 phases

Other items mentioned in the podcast:

[youTube] Why You Need a Capture System (19:57)

[YouTube] How to Use Flipcharts and Whiteboards for BIGGER Ideas (9:37)

Daily 21 technique

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