What is Mind Mapping, and Why Do You Need It? – YMM #25

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • mind-mappingWhat is a mind map?
  • How Mind Maps relate to the 3 Phases of Work (from Episode 23)
  • Why you should be on the lookout for Toni Braxton
  • What I consider a mind map my first line of defence in my productivity system
  • The 3 Basic ways to mind map
  • Why some Mind Mapping systems will make you look like an amateur
  • and much more

What’s in this episode:

1:50 – The Big One: Why bother with mind maps?

3:55 – BiggerPlate.com

4:35 – Mind Mapping Reviews (7 in 7)

8:02 – Top X of a Topic: The 10 Reasons You Should Use Mind Maps

Other items mentioned in the podcast:


Kevin’s YouTube Channel

Mind Mapping Demo

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