You Play Like You Practice

You Play Like you Practice

“Practice doesn’t make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect.”
Vince Lombardi

You play like you practice. This is an analogy that most people who play sports have heard at one time or another. The good news is that it works in real life just like it does in sports. Think about it. How can you expect to get great things out of life if you’re not willing to put great things in? I always hear the excuse of, “When I’m rich I’ll…” or “When I start my next job I’ll start doing…more.” The sad fact is that unless you begin putting more effort into your life right now, you may never make it to the next level of success.

The little things you do in life are a microcosm of your life as a whole. The amount of time and attention you put into your work will usually show you how successful you’ll be in the long term. It’s the effort and care you devote to your family, work, and volunteer organizations that gives an accurate indication of how much you care for life in general. People who don’t care about their performance, will never be as successful as those who put their heart into the work. Besides, it’s always the people who don’t work hard that complain about not getting ahead. I know you don’t want to be a complainer.

Here’s the takeaway message
How you undertake something like volunteering is how you will undertake life. Live life now instead of waiting until tomorrow for success to magically appear. It’s small steps that get you to your big goals. That’s the tried and true method for achieving success in anything.

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      Hi Lil Nickel. Thanks for the comment. I wrote this post a long time ago, so I took the time to go back and read it.

      I still fully believe everything I talk about in the post. I’ll back this up from my own experience, and also from a number of successful people who I’ve connected with other the years.

      I’d love to hear why your take on this.

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